MyGlam August 2012 Unboxing

The theme of this month’s MyGlam bag is Endless Summer. I’m starting to think they are just picking these themes out randomly. Nothing in this bag speaks summer to me. “Endless Summer” should include bronzers, self tanner (though I hate those), sunscreen, etc. I’m on the fence in general about this bag. I don’t like that we got another subpar Andrea’s Choice Nail Polish and Eclos, but I do love the Demeter Dragon Fruit Roller Ball.

The Products:

Eclos Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream (.25 fl oz)

This is way too thick for me, so I’m putting it in the giveaway basket.

Eclos Cellular Activator Face Serum (.5 fl oz)

I may give this a try, though I am pretty stocked on serums right now. It smells pretty good though!

Demeter Dragon Fruit Roll On Perfume Oil (.29 fl oz)

This smells really sweet and really good. Perfect for on the go. This is my favorite item in this bag!

S.A.L.T.Y. Cosmetics Glama-Ziodi Eyeshadow (.035 oz)

I’ll have to experiment with this. It feels like the eyeshadow that comes in little girls play kits and has almost no color. I might try to mix it with something or apply over a cream shadow.

Circus by Andrea’s Choice Nail Polish in Ringmaster (.45 fl oz)

I got the Reverso (white polish) in the last MyGlam bag and hated it. It peeled like no other and the formula was thick and goopey. I like the color, but this will either go in the giveaway basket or the trash.

MyGlam Glam Gloss (no sizing information available)

Weirdly enough, this gloss is okay! I hate how MyGlam sends out their own branded products (we’re paying for established brands!) but I actually don’t hate this gloss. The texture is smooth and I like the color. I’ll take these over the cheap brushes they used to send out any day.

What do you think of the August MyGlam bag?

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