NARS Sin Blush Review

NARS Sin Blush

Today I wanted to share with you something I got myself as a Christmas present while vacationing in Louisville this past Christmas. I have always seen NARS Sin blush featured in magazines for Fall and Winter makeup looks and have always admired the color. It is a berry tone with a gold shimmer, which I was always convinced would overpower my porcelain and redness plagued skin. I must have been feeling brave when I saw this during vacation though because I decided to give this blush a chance and I’m glad I did. With a light hand, this blush is gorgeous.

NARS Sin Blush

Sin comes in the standard NARS black, rubberized palette which means it is a dirt magnet. Don’t judge me by my fingerprints!

NARS Sin Blush

This berry blush has a slight golden shimmer that is barely perceptible when worn. It is highly pigmented, so a light hand is best. I use my MAC 188 brush and it seems to deposit the right amount of color every time. The color wears for about 10 hours on my cheeks before fading and can last as long as 14 if I use a setting spray.

NARS Sin Blush

Sin is a blush I have basically lived in for the past 2 months and I am so glad I bought it and didn’t let my fear of color keep me from it. I think this color would look striking on both deep and fair skin tones and everything in between. After 2 months of wear, the pan still looks brand new, so it will get years and years of use.

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5 thoughts on “NARS Sin Blush Review

  1. I recently purchased my first Nars blush in the shade “O” (can’t type the word out or the filter at work will catch it and report it, haha). I love how the Nars blush applies and I find myself wondering why I didn’t jump in and try it sooner…hoping to pick up Sin and maybe another shade sometime in the near future. Have you tried the shade Albatross as a highlight? I’ve been thinking of purchasing that when I run out of Mary Lou-Manizer by The Balm (which I love…but I kind of want to try something different).

    • I love it too! It’s so pigmented that they last for ages! I tried Albatross a long long time ago and remember being pleased with it, but I got bored and went to something else. I’ve actually been quite curious about the Mary Lou Manizer!

      • I love the Mary Lou Manizer…I find that it works really nicely with my lighter winter skin and still looks nice when I’m tan. It’s that perfect champagne color and I’ve also used it as a highlight for my browbone or even in the inner corner of my eye. It’s well worth the money!

  2. Is this going to look nice on cool undertones? Im fair with cool undrtones and freckles, and i was winderingif this blush would work out

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